Burley Fireball & Firecube

The most efficient wood burning stoves in the world


The Burley Fireball & Firecube ranges of wood burning stoves have a unique patented method of combustion by creating a swirling vortex within the stove to mix the gases together and help prevent incomplete combustion. This is so effective and combustion is so clean that the Burley Fireball & Firecube are the most efficient Stoves in the World at 89.8%.


In the top of the stove there are also convection tubes to maximise the heat into your room before it is lost up the chimney. The hot gases are forced into contact with these tubes, whose large surface area produces huge amounts of additional convected hot air into your room and they are so effective in grabbing this heat that your chimney temperature is reduced to as low as 122 degrees centigrade.


The complete combustion of your fuel means that you will use less logs and the need to refuel is far less compared to other less efficient stoves on the market.

Burley Stoves are the perfect choice.




























Many stoves, particulary imports are made from cast iron. Although cast iron is far cheaper to produce, castings are relatively brittle, and as cast stoves consist of many castings bolted together, they do not have the same physical strength or properties of a steel stove which is welded and fused together for far superior strength and air tightness making it virtually indestructible.


Stovax & Gazco Stoves

Stovax & Gazco manufacture woodburning, multi-fuel, gas & electric stoves.


Stovax have now introduced their ECODESIGN STOVES to reduce emissions of which all stove manufactures will have to meet this criteria from the year 2022.

Stovax also offer the UK’s largest range of DEFRA SMOKE CONTROL approved appliances that can be presently be installed anywhere in the country. These products bearing the ECODESIGN READY Label meets or exceeds forthcoming stringent EU targets for emissions and are a key part of the CLEAN AIR STRATEGY by DEFRA.


STOVAX have a fantastic wide range of traditional and contemporary stoves plus also the Studio Cassette Style built in the wall stoves for a sleek modern look and all backed up by a 5 year warranty.




































Hovingham Fireplaces & Stoves can also offer a full installation service as we are both Gas Safe & Hetas Registered.